Management’s Recognition of Employee Job Performance

Management’s recognition of employee job performance is one of the ways that organizations use to keep employees satisfied and engaged.
Employees may feel more committed to their organization if they believe that their efforts are valued.

Acknowledging and rewarding employees’ job performance is important.

Equally important are the behaviors that management rewards, which manifest the norms and culture across the organization. For example, is management rewarding competition instead of teamwork? Are managers that retain top performers recognized? Does the organization reward employees who adhere to organizational values and ethics over those who do not? In this quest, It is very important to get the best work performance from your employees.

But do your employees remember to pack their hearts when they’re packing their lunches? Are they merely going through the motions at work? Feigning “connection to the work” while in reality spending more energy avoiding trouble versus willingly contributing their personal-best?

As the leader or manager, how do you create “meaning” at work?

Sometimes managers get lucky and hire that golden employee who just gets “it” and lives “it” day in and day out. More often than not, however, employees need reinforcing communication around why their job, indeed why they are important to the purpose of the organization

Exemplary Leaders Encourage the Heart — in particular speaks to creating meaningful work.

Genuine acts of caring uplift the spirits and draw people forward. Best leaders want to provide a climate in which people feel cared about and genuinely appreciated by their leaders.

Lastly, let’s get practical with just a few questions to consider as you work toward helping your employees create meaning at work


What inspires you? Gives you passion? What would inspire your employees and direct reports? In what ways are you working together to create the bigger “why,” the purpose for your organization?


How are you currently recognizing individual achievement and contributions to your organization’s purpose? How do you equip managers to reward, recognize and thank employees for a job well done?


How often to you reiterate the organization’s larger purpose? Then remind each individual contributor how they in their roles help achieve that purpose? Annually in the all-staff meeting and in the performance review? Quarterly at management reviews? Monthly in the employee online newsletter? Or weekly/daily in informal conversations about the work at hand?


How do you celebrate team or organizational wins? Annual bonus? Cost of living wage increase? Or something more personalized to each contributor?

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