The Right Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Tailoring your Resume/CV for each job you're applying for might sound like a time-consuming task, but it can significantly increase your chances of securing an interview.

A big mistake I see many job seekers make is using the same resume for every job vacancy regardless of the industry or job title. This strategy will normally not get you anywhere as quickly as you would want.
As a senior recruiter at Divine Connections Recruitment Services, I see lots of job seekers who keep sending the same resume for various jobs they're not entirely qualified for, and they have no idea why they're getting few to no interviews.
What they don't understand is that if their resume is cluttered with information that's irrelevant to the position they're applying for, it won't get a lot of attention.
Yes, tailoring every application is a lot of work. But it's worth the work when you get noticed by the right employer.

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