Employee Experience

Most organizations consider the experience of their customers very carefully. They focus on the interactions that they have with them and the journey the customer takes throughout each of those interactions. Many organizations have customer experience programmes or attempt to measure their customer sentiment through surveys and feedback mechanisms.

Employee experience is a term that isn’t used quite so frequently; instead we are much more familiar with looking at employee engagement. Engagement, of course, is an outcome of many variables. Experience is to a high extent very different. It is these variables, happening every day, that management certainly needs to influence and help to create the conditions that will promote both customer and employee experience.

Customer experience and employee experience are undoubtedly linked. It isn’t easy to reach the conclusion that an employee who is generally happy in their work will provide a better customer service than one who is not. Employers must always remember that a focus on customer experience without considering the employee experience misses the inter-relation of the two. So, it is only right to say that great customer experience begins with employees! On many occasions we have heard of employees being referred to as ‘internal clients/customers’. If customer experience is on the priority list for your organisation, then employee experience needs to be too.

In some ways, employee experience needs greater focus from management than employee engagement does. This will in turn mean: employee retention, satisfied employee and happy customer experience that will translate into business growth and high reputation in your industry.
So, what is your employee experience in your organization? If you do not know, how can you find out?

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